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目前,碎片化阅读已经成为主流,深度阅读正在下降。尽管超过半数的人表示,非常愿意“拿一本纸质图书阅读”,当强大的社会生存压力迫使人们的精力向工作倾斜,花在阅读上的时间骤减。at the moment, fragmented reading be***es the mainstream, deep reading gradually decline.

although more than half of the people say, they are willing to take a ***** book to read. however, the pressure of survival in the society force people to focus their more energy into work, a very little time for reading.

《朗读者》是**电视台推出的大型文化情感类节目,由著名节目主持人董卿主持。以个人成长、情感体验、背景故事与传世佳作相结合的方式,选用精美的文字,用最平实的情感读出文字背后的价值,节目旨在实现文化感染人,鼓舞人,教育人的传导作用."the reader" is a large cultural and emotional programs launched by cctv, hosted by the famous show host dong qing .

***bine personal growth, emotional experience, background story and a masterpiece , select exquisite writing ,read the value behind the words with the most true feelings. to infect people, inspire people, educate people,achieve culture’s tran**ission function.


我们要展现有血有肉的真实人物情感qing dong sayswithallsortsoffeelings: i have been a host for 21 years, and now seems to return to the starting point. the first two words highlight the words, the last one word prominents people.

we have to show the true emotion and the true life.

节目每期以一个充满寓意的主题词作为核心线索,有关“遇见”,有关“选择”,有关“陪伴”,有关“眼泪”……名人和素人同台,分别朗读一段曾经打动自己,激励自己甚至改变自己的文字。它可以是一篇文章,一首诗,一封来自家乡的信,甚至是一个剧本。each program has a full meaning subject ,about the "meeting", the "choice", the "***pany", the "tears"......

celebrities and ***mon people were on the same stage, read a passage that has touched, inspired, and even changed yourself.it can be a prose, a poem, or a letter from home, or even a movie drama.

《朗读者》不是一档读书节目,而是用文字抵达情感,从每个人真挚的人生故事出发,分享亲情、友情、爱情。这些世界上共通的情感,将有助于观众了解和理解文字背后的宽度、厚度和集中度,品味生活的所有味道。"the reader" is not a reading program, but conveys emotion by words , starting from each person's sincere life story, to share family, friendship, love.

these ***mon feelings of the world, will help the audience to know and understand the meaning behind the words of the width, thickness, concentration, experience the taste of life .


别丢掉don’t cast away

这一把过往的热情,this handful passion of the bygone day,

现在流水似的,which flows like running water soft and light

轻轻在幽冷的山泉底,beneath the cool and tranquil fountain,

在黑夜在松林, at dead of night,in pine-clad mountain,

叹息似的渺茫,as vague as sighs, but youshould e’er be true.


一样是月明,the moon is still so bright;

一样是隔山灯火,beyond the hills the lamp sheds the same light.

满天的星the sky besprinkled with star upon star,

只有人不见,but i do not know where you are.

梦似的挂起,it seems you hang above like dreams.

你向黑夜要回 you ask the dark night to give back your word,

那一句话——你仍得相信but its echo is heard

山谷中留着and buried though unseen

有那回音!deep, deep in the ravine.


xu yuanchong, a 96 year old man, a professor at the peking university, a famous translator. he had translated “the book of songs", "the songs of chu", "poetry of the tang dynasty", "song ci", "peony pavilion", won the highest award for international translation "aurora" outstanding literary translation award

从事文学翻译长达六十余年,译作涵盖中、英、法等语种,翻译集中在中国古诗英译,形成韵体译诗的方法与理论,被誉为"诗译英法唯一人" 。he has engaged in literary translation for more than sixty years,covered in chinese,english and french , focus on translating ancient poetry china into english.

许老已于10多年前,就被诊断出直肠癌,然而,他至今每天依然坚持工作到凌晨3、4点钟,他开朗乐观、风趣幽默地说:“我要每天偷出夜晚的几个小时时间,去补充白天该做的工作,该学的习。”xu has been more than 10 years ago, was diagnosed with rectal cancer, however, he still insisted on working until 3/4 a.

m. he is optimistic and humorous ,he says: "i will steal a few hours from the night every day, to supplement the work to be done during the day"

他那种用年轻人的心态生活、学习、努力工作的宝贵精神,感动了观众和我。hisprecious spirit :never too old to learn precious spirit ,work hard with young mentality moved the audience, touched me.


陈志坚2013 4 6 2011级行管2班陈志坚 第一次看电影《朗读者》,是在2011年读高中的时候。还记得,当时老师给我们分享电 影里的一句话 你根本无法影响我的情绪,你还没重要到可以惹我生气。 以给我们警示。而我,则是冲着老师稍微提到的 色情 片段去看电影的,很是肤浅。 在大二上学期,偶然中我又...


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