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we are glad to stand here,and give you an interesting speech.today our topic is “a lesson from a 4-year-old”.are you interested in this?

this is an unusual story,i read this article with great interest.if my sister wants to color the sky pink or wear ballerina [ ,bl'ri:n ](芭蕾舞衣) dress to the supermarket,it is ok by me.

the window of creativity and wonder is slammed [ slm ](砰地关上) shut far too early in many children’s lives.my partner and i hope this article will move all of you as deeply as it moved us!

我们很高兴站在这里给你做一个有趣的演讲。我们今天的主题是“四岁孩子给我们上的一堂课" 。你有兴趣吗?



if we were to conduct a poll among adults to determine [ di't:min ](确定) how many of you could sing or dance, i fear that we would receive the overwhelming [ ,uv'hwelmi ](压倒性的) message that the vast [ vɑ:st ](巨大的) majority of adults feel they have no talent in these areas [ 'ris ](领域).

on the other hand ,if we were to conduct the same poll among 4-year-olds, we would find that virtually [ 'v:tuli ](几乎) all of them are convinced [ kn'vinst ](深信的) they can sing, and virtually all of them have confidence in their ability to dance .


most of the 4-year-olds have little or no real talent ,but, instead ,they are endowed [in'dau](赋予) with incredible [ in'kredbl ](惊人的) confidence in their own potential [ pu'tenl ](潜能) . this confidence, or certainty of success, is something we were all born with bur we later traded in for a strong dose [ dus ](剂量) of what we call reali** [ 'rilizm ](现实主义).


shortly after we reach school age ,we are taught lessons about the world that revolves[ ri'vlv ](旋转、循环) around us .limiting[ 'limit ](局限) our vision [ 'vin ](想象力) and be***ing realistic .i defy [ di'fai ](挑战) you to find a statue [ 'sttju:

](雕像) or a monument [ 'mnjumnt ](纪念碑) ever erected[ i'rekt ](树立) to anyone because they were realistic . all dreamers, all achievers ,all great people kept their child -like faith [ feiθ ](信仰) in their own dream and their ability [ 'biliti ](才能) to carry it out ,and these great people had an inordinate [ i'n:dint ](过度的) gift to disregard [ disri'ɡɑ:

d ](漠视) the world's cries for reality [ ri'lti ](现实).



i challenge you to go through a single [ 'siɡl ](一个) day exploring [ iks'pl:ri ](探索) every aspect [ 'spekt ](方面).at any time,you can decide to change the road you’re on in life,take a new direction,follow a new trail.

you are the only one who really knows you want from life and if you’re on the right road for you.you’re the only one who can fulfill [ ful'fil ](履行、实现) your dreams and receive the joys and happiness that ***e from reading those aspirations and goals.not from what is realistic ,but instead from what is possible.

if we can master [ 'mɑ:st ](控制) this, we will begin to revert [ ri'v:t ](回归) backwards [ 'bkwdz ](向后) and live our lives in the unlimited [ ,n'limitid ](无拘无束的) realm [ relm ](领域、范围) of the successful 4-year-old.



today is the day!



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